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  1. I hope evernote is reading these threads because: i'm struggling to understand something.... I can't find a single thing that has been improved by this update! But there are at least 10 useful features that have been removed, and doing anything is noticeably SLOWER. Removing features is not necessary (unless you want to alienate long time users) DATES on the notes is sometimes critical when I can't remember a search term that doesn't result in way too many results. Therefore, evernote developers, please return the ability to manually change the created date. Also please return the ability to view the entire note without automatically changing the "modified date" doing that moves an old note to the top of the thumbnail list. and it should not take multiple clicks to view a note! We don't need the URL every time, and we should be able to see the entire note in the viewing window
  2. it DID come across as smug and offensive. Pooh-poohing the concerns of a minority It sounds like a guy who knows how to build cars and has decided that all we need is the make and model that he drives
  3. i though it was offensive the way he dismissed tag users as "only 2%" of total users disdain for "minorities" is a bad thing. our premium subscription costs the same as "98%" if that number is even true, users are bdly in need of learning this very useful feature.
  4. Honestly, why did you guys fix something that wasn't broke? My productivity has greatly decreased because of useless and confusing changes not to mention that many very useful features have been dropped! WTH we need a tool to go back to the version that WORKED FINE In fact, I cant find a SINGLE CHANGE that was an improvement. Again, WTH
  5. "automatic" syncing does not always work! You guys made me waste 15 minutes I didn't have trying to find the manual sync option since a new note did not show up on my iPad I would've NEVER installed the new version had I known it would be a step backwards
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