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  1. I just updated my Evernote (windows) to (303244). At the end of the install, it told me it was going to move my data files to C:\Users\myusername, and didn't give me an chance to opt out. My Evernote database is over 2GB, and I had it stored in a location that had plenty of space. C:\users\ is short on space on my machine, and I don't want the files there. I had already specified an alternate location for my files, I know how to move them back. But, why would your installer forceably override my choice like that. I had to wait a long time for the files to move, now I have to w
  2. I have suffered with the bullet list problems as well. I just found this in the windows client: Format -- Simplify formatting (or Ctrl+Space) If I have a multi-level bullet list with corrupted formatting, this seems to clean it up. Your mileage may vary - I suggest making a copy of a note before you try it. I'd be interested to hear any comments/experiences on this technique. I definitely agree with the sentiments of other users: - why is there even a problem like this in software as mature as evernote? - why is there no PRACTICAL response from evernote or an evangelist (workarou
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