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  1. I am pleased to say the quick fix is working without any problems for me. I have just 1900 notes comprising web clippings, photographs, my text notes and all are tagged in detail and l find the search works fine. I am a researcher using Snow Leopard and Firefox 17.01. I find the web clipper and Clearly are working fine. The only problem is when Firefox updates it often disables the Webclipper and Clearly so they have to be manually reinstalled but after that they work fine. As someone specialising in the visual l believe version 5 is a winner but if it returns to be problematic l will like other return to the older version 3 which someone kindly posted links to download which l have already domne so just in case. Sure this release has been a PR disaster for EN but Notation Velocity, which a previous post mentioned is not for me. Other much larger software companies have made equally or much worse upgrades. Look at Apple Maps or don't if you would prefer not getting lost. It seems to me you can either go back to version 3 or stick with the patch in 5 and give the EN team our support and a bit more time to listen and come up with a new version that is first and foremost stable and incorporates the best suggestions made in the forums. Just some thoughts from a non techie.
  2. Thanks for the temporary fix but it didn't save a waste of a day trying to get the previous version to work. Obviously your thorough testing is not thorough enough and represents a PR disaster for EN. Reputations are hard won but easily lost – be warned. Version 3 was stable but its appearnce was ugly and too much like Windows. For me l hope you all can get this version to work with all the lost features people are upset about and the stability we demand. For those who want to look there is much to like about the current version.
  3. OK it is working after second attempt at clean install. Thanks for help but l realy think an automatic update should work without having to spend several hours undoing and retring especially when you have an extensive collection of notes.
  4. Same problem. Upgraded to 5.02 and Evernote not responding despite reboot. Using MacBook Pro and Snow Leopard. Very infuriating. What to do? Anyone had any luck downloading 5.02 from Evernote and getting it to work.
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