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  1. D'oh!!!! That was some mental block and thank you for tearing it down! I use DB links all the time for sharing large files too big for e-mail...not sure why I didn't put two and two together. Maybe I just like the aesthetics of the the document icon in the EN note instead of a meh looking link!!! But thank you, this is exactly what I need. E I no longer have dropbox installed, so can't test this, but can't you just create a link to the file in dropbox and copy that link to your note in EN? There are times when I want access to a file but don't want to put it in EN. For those times, I just create a shortcut to the file and drag the shortcut into EN. Just wondering if you can do something similar with a dropbox file link. You can definitely get a link to open a file directly in Dropbox (and most other online storage providers) - and if you can get a link, you can include it in a note.
  2. OK, here is my deal. I like to use EN to take down notes while discussing things with my team, and then if a more formal document arises from these discussions, I like to attach the file to the note so that it's there and I can have a record of this file. Cool? Well, normally these files reside in DB, however it seems that once you attach the file to the note, EN likes to keep a copy of the file in its own database. This would not be a major problem except for the fact that if I want to make any edits to the file, the file embedded in EN links to the copy of the file in the EN database, not to the original file in DB. Ergo, if I open the file from EN then the file in DB does not get updated with the edits and vice-versa. I found out the hard way when I had made edits to the file after opening it from EN, then going to the file in DB and discovering that this version did not have the edits. I realize that EN keeps its own copy of the file so that the copy can propagate to my EN account on various computers/devices. However, may of us work concurrently with EN and DB and integration would be a beautiful thing. I would much rather just link to the file on DB. EN is not really built for high-capacity cloud storage, for that I use DB. Any thoughts?
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