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  1. With this new iOS update, could a page break be something Evernote could add? Doesn't seem like it would take to much to do since i can view the ones i create on my desktop app in the iOS app
  2. I often run into situations where I would need to have two notes open at one time. For example, I could be taking notes about a specific project during a meeting in its own note, then need to add things to my weekly To-Do list in another. Bouncing back and forth is not fun. I use an iPad Pro so the screen is plenty big enough to do this. Would be a great feature to be able to do this in the iOS application
  3. That's what I am trying to avoid. My example of this, would be to take notes during a meeting on one note, then have a separate weekly 'to-do' note open and add items that I need to do while taking meeting notes. Something like the multitasking feature would be great
  4. Recently I have had the need to flip back and forth between 2 different notes at the same to pull some information from another note. Am I missing something and is there any way to view two notes from 2 different note books at the same time? If not this would be a great feature to have.
  5. Any word on a new update? My iPad Pro keeps freezing up or bugging out. If I try to click a check box in a list of other check boxes it will click one that is 4 lines hire then the one I pressed. Really need a version for the pro that is more like the Mac desktop version. The Pro is such a great device that won't be fully utilized with the standard iOS app.
  6. Can anyone from Evernote acknowledge if there are plans for iPad Pro improvements? If there isn't, it will allow me to start my switch to OneNote. Thanks!
  7. or maybe merge Penultimate into Evernote. so when you use the hand writing feature it is penultimate....
  8. I do use the line like that usually to break it up. The nice part about this other feature is that it will auto adjust to span one line of the note window and not jump down into the next, no matter the size of the device or screen. Plenty of work around a but thought maybe it was an easy add since it seems like a simple feature. I attached a screen shot to show the line and what button it is just in case I didn't make sense
  9. I just upgraded to the iPad Pro and really want to make this my laptop. It would be awesome if they could make a version for the Pro that is more like the desktop version, that would be awesome!
  10. I may be using the wrong word. On the desktop version it's just a line that goes across the length of your note to break up different sections. More of a divider I guess?
  11. On the desktop version you can enter page breaks to separate different parts of you note, but can't do that on the iOS version. Would be nice to get more of the desktop formatting features on the iPad, especially for the pro since the screen is so much larger and has more real estate for formatting tools.
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