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  1. Thanks folks. In my brief flirtation with 5.0, I didn't spot any sharing button. As this was the thing I was working on right before I made the leap it popped out for me. I know it has to be there somewhere because my shared notebooks had a notation, I just didn't spot it in the time I gave 5.0.
  2. Ok, I figured out font resizing. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on the URL field?
  3. My initial experience with 5.0 was awful. Made the mistake of upgrading before backing up! As soon as I could figure it out, used http://mac.filehorse.com/download-evernote/2755/old-versions/ to roll-back to v3.3. This time I backed up first out of fear that my notes would be lost but it was ok. Nothing lost, not even recent changes. It doesn't look quite the same as what I am used to but it is so much better than trying to adjust to 5.0. One thing I am missing though is the field to add a URL. Is this the most recent version before mac 5.0? Or was there one in between? Or did I somehow add that field myself & have forgotten how I did it? Also can't seem to manage a permanent font resize.
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