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  1. I simply want to share individual notes with family members (also Evernote users) and have those notes then be searchable by anyone the note has been shared with. I appreciate Work Chat allows users to share notes within Evernote. The issue with that is people that notes are shared with can only view those notes within the work chat. It's not possible to view these notes within entering work chat. It's not possible to search within these notes at all, without opening them individually. Am I missing something here, as I can't be the only one looking for a simple solution?
  2. Share note -> enter other user's id or email address -> select whether to allow view or edit access -> job done! All other note apps I've used have this functionality. I love Evernote for so many reasons but can't swap over completely without this.
  3. So many other people have also asked for a simple way of sharing individual notes, I'm surprised this has not been addressed. Using Work Chat is too laborious (and the other methods aren't suitable) when all I want to do is share a note with another Evernote user, and have us both be able to edit it. Like most other note apps! Is there a feature request list somewhere? Can't find one on here.
  4. I did notice an announcement of several new features, this NOT being one of them unfortunately....
  5. There's one feature that's stopping me moving over to Evernote. That is its limited ability to share individual notes with other Evernote users. My feature request is: "As an Evernote user I want to share individual notes with other Evernote users, so we can all contribute to the note". Ideally the sharing mechanism would allow me to enter another Evernote username or email address. I appreciate I can share an individual note via various methods (https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/mac/#9) but none of these hit the mark. The closest is generating a share URL but this requires the other party to access the note via the URL (instead of seeing it appear automatically within their Evernote). I also don't like this being publicly accessible. This question has been asked many times before but doesn't appear to have been picked up (eg. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37245-how-to-share-a-single-note-to-specific-people/). I also appreciate users can share entire Notebooks but I simply have individual notes within Notebooks I want to share.
  6. <general rant> This problem has been present since at least 10th November when this topic was created. Over two months without resolving the problem is shocking. As previous posters have pointed out, EN seem keener to release new functionality than fixing existing problems. I suggest tweeting EN (or retweeting this: @evernote How about a fixing a 2+ month old problem (http://t.co/WQrdUb6A) instead of concentrating on new functionality? — Chris Cobb (@TheChrisCobb) January 17, 2013 ), as they don't appear to closely monitor this forum. If enough of us do so hopefully we can get an update.</general rant>
  7. Official communication at last!! Thanks for the update. I must admit disappointment that it required 97 postings that started well over a month ago (10th Nov was the original post), multiple people raising the issue with customer support and still more people tweeting. Good to know the problem has been identified though.
  8. I've resorted to tweeting them (with a link to this thread) - let's see if that gets any response. Sure isn't here...
  9. Just received a reply from support this morning. It appears they acknowledge this is a bug and they are working on it - although this very similar to the response that somebody else reported on this thread back on 26th November (10 days ago). It doesn't fill me with confidence that a fix will be coming anytime soon...
  10. Me three. iPhone 5, iOS 6.01. Very frustrating...
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