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  1. Hmm I keep encountering add-on not compatible for seamonkey 2.15.
  2. Hi Blake Fantastic post, I was thinking of doing something similar for my students next year, I tutor English and Maths. I've only been using Evernote a few weeks and can see the many benefits it will offer my students, their parents and myself. I agree their will be members who won't use this but when working with 50+ students a year, the ability to keep it simple and structured is more important than ever. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  3. Oops yes I did, was a bit early. Thanks jefito.
  4. Unsure - it's (268148), in this version sync has also failed over the last 12 hrs, this computer has been restarted, logged out, everything I can think of yet still indicating a fail, however using old version on another computer synchs as usual. Edit: Correction version is Synch working again, there was a page that clipped with an error and was deemed unsynchable, removing it allowed synch again. This was the only clip that showed up after signing back in to webclipper IE 9 yesterday using above version.
  5. A result of updating to the beta is I've lost a day of clipping It appeared it was clipping but no warning highlighting nothing the clip was unsuccessful. No notification for a login to evernote page popped up as IE was not registering the clipping (if this was the reason why). Only been using Evernote for a few weeks and it was working great, I have found less functionality in the update specifically tagging and selecting notebooks before clipping is completed, to go to a default notebook, and not being able to assign tags there and then is just lessening the value of the product for my use.
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