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  1. Hi, I'm sorry, been using Evernote for ages but can't find the tags on my iPhone Evernote for IOS. I've been told this is the way to go now "Tags" and not Notebooks but for some reason can't find them in Evernote IOS for iPhone
  2. Hi I can rotate any pages of course but not in a good usable workflow when you've got lots of work to do. I can rotate any individual pages in Adobe Acrobat of course but that totally gets rid of the convenience of using Evernote. Instead of just using scansnap the way it's used to work one trip job done I would have to: Scan to a folder open the file in Adobe Acrobat find the page/pages I need to rotate, rotate them save the file, close the file, put the file by hand into Evernote. That's approximately 6 steps every time I need to get scanned images into Evernote instead of 2 if this correction were implicated in Evernote: 1. Discover a scan the wrong way around in Evernote, it does happen. 2. Rotate it the right way. 3. Go to the next job and get more work done.
  3. Hi I just want to rotate a scanned image and can't do it. I read the how to and it does note work with this file. The image was scanned with an scansnap and converted into a two page .pdf I tried opening the scanned file in Preview like the how to says but when you rotate the image the second page that was the right way up also rotates at the same time completely defeating the point of the exercise. I then tried opening the file in it's default program Adobe Acrobat and you can then rotate either page as much as you like independently of each other "Great" but then the file does not recognise that it's been changed and therefore does not offer an option to save??? Therefore when I close the file and go back to evernote the pages are exactly the same way up "Different and wrong" as when I started. This is such a basic need as approximately 30% of the scans that ScanSnap scan "even with the preferences set to rotate the right way up selected" come into Evernote the wrong way up. Could some one tell me first of all an easy way to select a single page in series scanned images, as this is the first problem because evernote insists on treating scans as giant bits of text instead of images therefore making them extremely hard to select" and secondly how to rotate said page quickly and easily, possibly with a keyboards shortcut that I don't know. I have dozens of images brought into Evernote the wrong why up by ScanSnap or just simply put under the scanner the wrong way up. This should be a simple one click operation but I can't find it. Thank for your help. Regards Bill
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