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  1. I spent and lost countless hours trying to get around the issues. Evernote may be fine in a cross-platform environment. But I am a Mac user and now I have definitively switched to DEVONthink. Why? I am waiting for YEARS that I can easily link to emails. This is built into OSX and blocked by Evernote for whatever reason (business plan, maybe). I don't need and I really do not want to replicate all of my personal data with Evernotes servers. Local notebooks are limited and data islands - i cannot sync Mac and Macbook without going through the cloud. I am feeling confident about my decision. Now I can use all the opportunities that OSX offers and I am not limited to the lowest common denominator of other ***** operating systems. DEVONthinks UI really deserves a facelift - but that is acceptable. And most of all I'm not locked into a jail where I have to pay monthly fees until the end of my life. Good bye Evernote.
  2. Linking to an email with an url like message://%3Clvqijk.8x4kcwxxxx does not work, the Ok Button remains disabled in Evernote Mac. A message-link like above created in Evernote Web works in Evernote Mac too after sync. Please fix and allow editing and pasting of message links in Evernote Mac.
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