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  1. Reinstalling the app on my iPad brought it back to life! My upgrade was painfully slow like others described.
  2. It's so frustrating to see an app as good as Penultimate was become unusable, at least on my iPad. I can barely write a letter or word. While I "only" have a 3rd generation iPad it still should do the basics. I'm having a hard time believing anyone actually tested this app and said, "Wow, this works well".
  3. I hope Evernote is looking at the iPad app because there is something seriously wrong with that software. I was glad to see the recent update make the note editor run more smoothly. I listened to a GTD Connect webinar today and took some (what I thought) really good notes. Later I went back to the note and to my surprise ... most of the note was GONE. It was gone consistently across all platforms - OS X (Mountain Lion both app and web) and iOS6. There's nothing in version history and I've got a support ticket open. And while I'm not ready to give up on Evernote but I'm definitely more careful of how I upload data. I'm running the iOS app on my iPhone 4 and that software runs really well. No crashing or lost data. The iPad app on my 3rd Gen device is another story. I really want to like Evernote but it's pushing back ...
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