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  1. try to clear browser's cache. It solves the problem for me
  2. Your idea is great. I really like it. But right now there are too many bugs. In five minutes it crashed my desktop Evernote client and web version doesn't load anymore. Local version sync only new content for web. And it's just critical bugs. I really wish luck to this project, but it's unusable right now.
  3. me too. Is it possible to become an ambassador. I write regularly about Evernote http://blog.themarfa.name/tag/evernote
  4. Select two notes, start tagging and get Evernote crash
  5. right click on picture, choose open with... nothing happens video http://www.screencast.com/t/IdkV9Zwe8Y1
  6. My wife (free account) still has error while syncing. Logs @ http://l.bitcasa.com/FrvMyrfi
  7. First letter should be uppercase disable left panel and try to navigate to any notebook. Evernote will crash http://www.screencast.com/t/WPL2gXcA7omb
  8. On desktop marked reminder as done, but still get notification on phone
  9. Reminder is set to today, but shows tomorrow http://l.bitcasa.com/gdSkUXOf
  10. reminder counter says two for one reminder http://l.bitcasa.com/uDCBCM05
  11. my resolution is 1366x768 and now note shortucts look awful http://l.bitcasa.com/vHoesVNm
  12. Not premium user created new notebook in EV5, synced but this notebook doesn't appear in web version. Even after 5 syncs and 30 min
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