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  1. I don't think it's about being high on the wish list, but just that it's such a simple feature to add, and users who don't need it won't even be aware, while more visually inclined users like me would really appreciate it.
  2. I've recently started using Evernote again, I use to hate it in the past because it was so heavy and cumbersome, but the iPad app was so impressive it got me back on, but now that I've moved all my notes to it and have several notebooks I use, I'm shocked to find that Evernote does not have any COLOR options. How is it that there's no option to pick a color for each notebook, and then whenever you look at a note there is a hint to that color to help me quickly recognize which notebook it belongs to. It will make Evernote so much more appealing and it's something that almost every other organization app has. Where can we add this to the suggestions box?
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