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  1. I love the new app design, but I miss having the sync status button on the home page. I like knowing at a glance if my notes have synced recently and the ability to force a sync easily is the one thing I miss from the previous design. To force a sync on iOS now, I have to navigate to the settings menu. Any plans to at least give users the option to bring the sync button back on the home page?
  2. I bet Apple will release a patch for iOS 10 soon that might resolve this problem. My other Message apps also didn't work until I deleted and re-downloaded them.
  3. I'm loving the iOS 10 update so far, but I cannot get the new Messages app to load. Whenever I try to load it in Messages, I get a blank page with the Evernote logo. When I tap it, nothing happens. I'm on an iPhone SE. I've already restarted my phone. I tried accessing the app with the main Evernote app open — that didn't work either. Is this an iOS 10 glitch or an Evernote one? UPDATE: Deleting and re-downloading the app seems to have fixed the problem. Looks like an iOS glitch. Great work, Evernote team!
  4. I love that tags are now included in the Cmd+J switcher! It would be AMAZING if saved searches could pop up there as well. I have two saved searches I use to filter through notes for work. Right now, I have them easily accessible in shortcuts, but it would be so much more convenient if saved searches were also included in the switcher.
  5. I completely agree with everything that has been said. I just updated the app two days ago and I love the new UI, but changing the share menu was a mistake. I only know of one or two people who use Evernote and hiding the email note option under two menus is not convenient for me. I do not use the work chat feature and it makes more sense for Evernote Business users, not every single Evernote user. This feature should be able to be hidden or turned off. I should be able to share a note or a notebook easily without the extra hassle. Please just move the email note action back into the share menu. This is very frustrating.
  6. You could also reassign the unused stickers to the desired notebook for your project. It might be a little easier.
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