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  1. I too have a MBA and love it. I'm also a premium member and love Evernote. However, I would never give up my MBA and buy a computer just for Evernote! All I need is to be able to use remote storage (USB hard disk is all I want) for my Evernote data. I too am running out of memory and find the "use the web" argument entirely unconvincing. I would understand if the answer was "there isn't enough MBA market for us to use our limited development resource" far better. Of all the user environments that need the ability to specify an "off-platform" location for the database, it is the MBA crowd and yet EN has that capability for those that don't need it (Windows). I doubt an Evernote employee will answer this, but might save me the trouble of looking for an alternative and suggest that the MBA crowd has a point. OR, tell me the truth and let me look for an alternative...
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