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  1. Strange problem with Web Clipper alpha-25, FF 33.0.1 and page https://clinthuijbers.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/ssis-powershell-script-task/. Having clicked on Web clipper icon, clipper selected article but I was not able to scroll down with mouse wheel to check selection. This behaviour is specific to this page, on other pages was not reproduced. UPDATE - after FF restart - problem was not reproduced.
  2. I could confirm that after Firefox upgrade to version 19 - Firefox Clipper stopped working. Hitting button does nothing. One difference - OS is MS Windows XP SP3.
  3. I installed and used it for a while, and would like to thank you for this update. FF Web Clipper is getting close to regular EN Clipper in terms of keeping images and correct formatting in clips, so I will use it more often, as it will offer more functions that regular clipper. Again, good job!
  4. Good day, Peter! I first experienced this problem with FF 17.0 and EN 4.5.10 right after updating FF to version 17. So it should be related to FF changes, since upgrade of FF to 17.0.1 did not change this behaviour. Sincerely yours, Andrei.
  5. Today I encountered quite singular behaviour of Evernote - version Having selected and copied into clipboard some part of Web page, I went to Evernote and create a new note (with Ctrl-N key), then pasted clipped text. It layed in the note with Source URL and formatting, as in original. Then I went to the note body, selected all text (Ctrl-A) and deleted it, after that - pasted clipboard again via "Paste as Text" option. Text appeared without formatting, as desired, so I closed the note. In the notebook, I have seen two notes - one with original HTML formatting (no plain text) and other empty note - without anything in it. Strange! Tested it several times with different web pages, the same result. Would appreciate comments - is this expected behaviour or it is a bug.
  6. Today I tested Beta 2 build, and the same error with terminated EvernoteClipper was reproduced there.
  7. Well, in a nutshell - in various ways. The first time it was installed as an upgrade to Evernote client which was logged in, from "find an upgrade" menu. Second time - as a msi upgrade on running application. Third time - removed Evernote app and installed 4.6, during install - specified login and "autologin" option. After install - shut down EN and started it several times during each attempt. All three times - with the same result - EvernoteClipper started with Evernore and terminated in a second. So, the specified process started and then - ended.
  8. A little more info on this - observed Evernote start from Sysinternal Process Explorer - Evernote starts child process with EvernoteClipper, but it ends after a second or so.
  9. Are bug reports for this beta still collected - I have one. Having updated from version to, received very interesting case - Evernote started without EvernoteClipper counterpart. As you see, this resulted in no Clipper functionality in FireFox etc. Uninstalling and reverting to solved the issue. Tried once more with the same result. Some info about the setup - OS - MS Windows XP SP3, FireFox 17.
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