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  1. Here's a simple idea: Similar to "Insert Table" or "Insert Code Block", just give us a "Insert Markdown Block". We can then just write down whatever in the Markdown Block without affecting other part of the note. This seems a simple thing to implement, since it's not coupled with other part of the system. Can EN just deliver this simple feature that's been requested by so many users for so many years?
  2. The cartoon above is funny, but doesn't make sense to me. Do you suggest that we as users should pay Evernote now to support the development for Markdown in future? I could consider, say, pay for a Kickstarter-like project that directly go to Markdown development and then get premium when it's delivered or get my money back if it doesn't happen. But I'm not going to pay for an incomplete product (to me and many other users markdown is a must-have) that doesn't meet my basic needs.
  3. I really liked the new redesign. Markdown support is the only thing missing. I'd happily upgrade to a paid user again once this feature is in.
  4. I've seen a lot of EN promotions to try to persuade users go premium. I've been a premium user before, but stopped supporting EN since this issue is not fixed. I won't go premium again if this issue is still there.
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