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  1. I've seen a lot of EN promotions to try to persuade users go premium. I've been a premium user before, but stopped supporting EN since this issue is not fixed. I won't go premium again if this issue is still there.
  2. I just tried the web version, and looks like there's no problem there. If I really need bullet points work correctly, I'll edit the note in the web version and use the client program read-only. Hope it helps.
  3. My complaint to Evernote is not only about this particular bug, but mostly is about how they treat their customers. They don't have to fix the bug now, but at least they can tell us why they don't want to fix it and when do they think they'll fix it, or whether they plan to fix it at all. This is such a ridiculous bug that makes me doubt whether there exist more serious problems in their development workflow and management. The problems might be serious enough that they might not be around in the next 5 years. As a result, I have stopped paying them as a premium user, and am actively looking for substitutes.
  4. I have a lot of frustration regarding the "bulletin items" issue mentioned above. I suppose any decent HTML editor would handle it correctly due to many years of development/bug-fixing. Such problems arise because I suppose the development team has to develop the ENML editor from ground up.
  5. I'm a developer myself. From an engineering perspective, I think the next major release of EN should ditch ENML and use HTML as internal storage instead. Main benefits: You can easily find many open source software that render/display HTML and reuse the code, than writing/maintaining a new engine to handle ENML.It should easily fix bugs such as: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23701-bullet-points-never-seem-to-work-as-expected/, or include readily available features such as: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22876-using-anchors-within-notes-hyperlinking-between-notes/It's easy for users to import/export notes.I understand that ENML gives EN more control and perhaps better structured internally. But the development team would spend too much time re-inventing the wheel, and the users have to suffer from some major bugs left unfixed and the limited features. In the long run, it would be beneficial to EN as a business to adopt open standard such as HTML rather than sticking to a proprietary ENML.
  6. To me, the problem is not about the bug itself anymore, but the lack of confidence on EN as a product. Who knows if there are other bugs hidden somewhere, knowing that the EN team does not take bug report seriously? I think some of my notes got lost during the syncing process too (there's another thread for it). Instead of adding tons of new features, the EN team should really fix the bugs first to make sure its users have trust on the product/service.
  7. I have discontinued my premium membership to protest against it. A buggy service just doesn't feel right. For those who have struggled about it, you might want to switch to workflowy.com to manage your list. It's much more powerful, and I haven't experienced any problem with it.
  8. I'm a paid premium user. I expect this to be fixed soon since bullet list is such an important feature I use everyday, and it has been problematic for so long. I heard Evernote gets $1 billion evaluation. Can you guys put in the resources needed to fix this problem?! I'm getting frustrated with it everyday. If it's not getting fixed soon, I'll stop paying you guys or perhaps stop using EN at all and switch to Google Drive or WorkFlowy. I see this problem mostly on the Windows platform. My EN version is " (267980) Public". OS version: Windows 7. The Mac version of EN has this problem too: Version 5.0.0 (400524). ----- Edit: Also, I'm a developer myself. This bug seems to be because when you cut/paste, the closing tag </ul> was not cut/paste correctly. So you would see incorrect nested <ul></ul>. See my exported *.enex file and you'd know what I mean. The problem shows in the Web version too. I guess if the <ul> tags got messed up, you need to figure something out to display/correct it. export.zip
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