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  1. I have reinstalled from website and still does not allow Preview editing without file duplication. Is there a new fix?
  2. After I installed "PDF Expert" I discovered that if I opened PDFs from within Evernote and edited them in PDF Expert (instead of Preview) the changes are saved automatically back to Evernote. So I guess that is a solution if this is important in your workflow. I haven't tested other PDF editing apps.
  3. I think Evernote should work on a solution that does not depend on waiting for Apple. Maybe store notes in a different place in MacOS? For companies depending on external editing of PDFs embedded in Evernote this is quite inconvenient.
  4. By the way, I have tried upgrading to the latest Beta - I still have the 'locked' PDF issue.
  5. Is there (or can there be) a static page for the latest Beta download? Where do we look to see what the very latest Beta is?
  6. I am on a Mac. I'm running the latest MacOS (10.12.5) and latest Evernote version (6.11) I am viewing an Evernote note with an embedded PDF file. I right-click and choose 'Open' and the embedded PDF opens in the Preview app. When I go to make a change using Preview tools, 'Edited' appears in the window title and I am essentially working on a new copy. If I close the PDF it will ask where I want to save the file. If I want I can save it and add the new PDF to Evernote manually. The old behaviour: it just let me change the file in Preview, close it and the changed PDF would replace the one that I opened in Evernote (the expected and preferred behaviour) It had been that way for years and was very useful.
  7. My killer Evernote demo used to include opening a pdf from an Evernote note, editing it, closing it and having it go back into the note in it's new form. I can't do this anymore. This is very disappointing.
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