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  1. That's exactly what happened to me. Changed password on web client. Logged into account with new password on iPad. Now I get this message on my iPhone, so I couldn't connect that app. Logged out of web client to make sure new credentials worked. Could NOT log back in. Read this forum for maybe 10-15 minutes. Tried to log in to web client so I could post to this forum. It WORKED. Now I CAN log in to iPhone app. Desktop client worked fine. A new version was issued which allows you to retain your data as you provide the new password.Conclusion: Wait 10-15 minutes before trying your other devices, so the new password has a chance to percolate through the Evernote server farms. However, the error message is very misleading, as it comes up after a single attempt to enter a password. I'm sorry for those who lost data on mobile devices. Evernote needs to add the password-reset functionality to mobile apps, so data in the device isn't lost if (when) this happens again. +1 vote for two-factor authentication
  2. Using Info popover (is there another way to add a location to a note?), I cannot type in the location textbox, and clicking the arrow produces the spinning icon for a bit, then it stops & nothing happens. Using 10.6.8 on a MacPro that has no wifi, and of course no cellular data. But where is the little box where I could type latitude & longitude? Do we just type, e.g. "28.1245,-47.8931" into the location field? (assuming the location field can be made to work) No one above has mentioned the other issue since the first poster, but clicking Atlas on left bar produces a grey background in right area, with a logo embedded in it & message touting the coolness of Atlas, but no map. **EDIT** I see now that there's a limitation on Snow Leopard. That could limit self-location, but it shouldn't prevent a text box from being typed in! I could type Lat-Lon on the desktop versions of Evernote prior to version 5 (although there was no way to display the map), so hopefully this metadata-entry bug can be fixed, even if we can't display the map.
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