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  1. To resolve the annoying Conflicting Modifications, I use Excel to find text changes

    1. Paste each version in a separate column at Row 1
    2. Scan the rows and insert cells to keep the same text on the same row
    3. In Row 1, insert this formula =IF(A1<>B1,1,"") in the first unused column
    4. Copy the formula right as many versions as you had less one
    5. Copy the formulas down to the last used row
    6. Wherever a 1 shows up, there's the conflict.

    While a bit tedious, this does find all the text conflicts. Changed formatting won't be found. It also will find edits as well as new lines.

  2. Since I know Excel, and can work fast in it: I fix sync conflicts by row as follows:

    • Make Excel full screen
    • Copy text from one source starting in A1
    • Copy text from other source starting in B1
    • Make column A and B wide (about 1/2 screen each) but leave Col C visible
    • Select the entire sheet and collapse row height to best fit
    • Scan down the columns and enter a blank cell where needed to keep the column text aligned
    • Enter this formula in C1: =IF(A1<>B1,1,0) and copy it down to the last row with text
    • Where the formula returns 1 there's a sync conflict

    I get only a few sync conflicts per year, so I haven't taken the time to make this into a macro.

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