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  1. This has been happening to me for at least a year through all versions. Possibly EN is rebuilding some kind of index, but if it works on Macs it should work in Windows.
  2. To resolve the annoying Conflicting Modifications, I use Excel to find text changes Paste each version in a separate column at Row 1 Scan the rows and insert cells to keep the same text on the same row In Row 1, insert this formula =IF(A1<>B1,1,"") in the first unused column Copy the formula right as many versions as you had less one Copy the formulas down to the last used row Wherever a 1 shows up, there's the conflict.While a bit tedious, this does find all the text conflicts. Changed formatting won't be found. It also will find edits as well as new lines.
  3. The line spacing is definitely increased as I reported in a previous post. This means: Less information on one pageIndented lists don't look so nice (But then again indentation of normal note text on the iOS has been broken for a ridiculous 2+ years!)However, there is one redeeming improvement -- bulleted lists no longer have white space before and after the bulleted lists, at least in Windows. The extra unnecessary white space still shows up on iOS. It's really quite annoying the EN can't get notes to look the same in all platforms, keeps changing the way notes appear, and takes away basic functionality. EN is not a reliable or stable platform in terms of functionality,
  4. Windows line spacing went from 1,0 to about 1,3. It's HORRIBLE. I will be moving whatever of my productive pages I can to OneNote. Evernote again proves it has one use -- as a dump for reference materials. It is not an environment for productive work..
  5. The long-time lack of this feature is one reason I've finally switched to OneNote for day-to-day needs, and only use Evernote for information dumps. Evernote has SO MANY half-way issue like this -- no indent on iPad, intrusive development that changed line spacing on iPad checkboxes, still no font settings on iOS, etc., etc. I just couldn't take it anymore. OneNote isn't perfect and is a bit slow, but it's clean, professional, better organized, and more colorful.
  6. OK, here's a work-around for pinning a specific note directly to the taskbar. A lot of steps, but it works: Create a folder for your Taskbar items. I put used c:\users\<name>\Documents\Taskbar Create a text file ending in .exe such as EN.exe Right-click on the file and select Pin to Taskbar. You'll see a new item on your taskbar. In Evernote, find the note you want, and select "Copy Note Link" with the Ctrl key pressed (forces an internal link) Go back to the folder, and create a new shortcut. Paste in the Note Link and use the same name as your fake exe file Go to c:\users\<name>\AppDate\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar (I put a shortcut to this in my Taskbar folder) Right-click on the item added, and change the ".exe" to ".url". (assumes you named both files the same). You can right-click on the shortcut to change the icon. To get the icon to work and look right, you may need to get restart or right-click on the Taskbar and open the Task Manager and then right-click on Windows Explorer and select Restart.This is not as elegant as the nice lists that appear for other applications, such as Word, IE, etc., but it will work for a few items. I've got my Taskbar set to small icons and to only combine icons when the taskbar is full. I also remove the taskbar labels. Do a Google search for "Windows remove taskbar label" to find the registry changes needed to do this.
  7. Since I know Excel, and can work fast in it: I fix sync conflicts by row as follows: Make Excel full screenCopy text from one source starting in A1Copy text from other source starting in B1Make column A and B wide (about 1/2 screen each) but leave Col C visibleSelect the entire sheet and collapse row height to best fitScan down the columns and enter a blank cell where needed to keep the column text alignedEnter this formula in C1: =IF(A1<>B1,1,0) and copy it down to the last row with textWhere the formula returns 1 there's a sync conflictI get only a few sync conflicts per year, so I haven't taken the time to make this into a macro.
  8. I think what's happening is that people are using Evernote for much more than it was originally intended. It's become an environment. The request for anchors indicates that people are creating LONG documents in Evernote. It means that they would rather create these documents in Evernote than in a word processor. This is an opportunity for Evernote. Adding this feature will get power users to move more of their work into Evernote. Once in, it will be harder to leave in the future. And these long documents are probably shared with others who will then be motivated to get Evernote or upgrade to Premium. There's people who use Evernote to go paperless. Evernote has adapted by having folder that automatically import scans, selling scanners optimized for this purpose, etc. Then there's people who want to use Evernote as their task manager, such as the Secret Weapon. Evernote has adapted by adding Reminders, and (sometimes) the improving tools needed for these systems of tags, and saved searches. And then there's those of us who wish to create more of our documents in Evernote. As a premium user, being able to give a note URL, or various access levels to a shared folder, makes Evernote a superior collaborative tool than sending word documents through the mail. I also have my "notes" synchronized across multiple platforms. I'd rather stay in Evernote where I've got so much than add to another tool like Google Docs, or to use a secondary step of embedded Word documents. Currently, I'd consider anchors to be the most essential missing feature for using Evernote for long documents.
  9. I've been getting this error for months, and as everything seemed to be syncing OK, I've ignored it. However it has been annoying, so today I attempted to get rid of it. I tried the "Empty the Trash" suggestion, but that failed. In the midst of sending a log snippet to support I noticed this: 09:18:31 [16356] 0% Syncing notebook "Going Paperless" shared by jamietr09:18:31 [16356] 0% * loaded linked notebook updateCount: 3354709:18:31 [16356] 0% Linked notebook updateCount=33547, server updateCount=4271009:18:31 [16356] 0% Retrieving list of notebook changes from the server09:18:38 [16356] 0% Expunging 2 linked notebook notes09:18:38 [16356] 0% EDAMSystemException: errorCode=SHARD_UNAVAILABLE message="s13" "Going Paperless" is an Evernote notebook to which I had subscribed some time ago. I noticed that this looked like where the error was coming from, that 2 linked notes couldn't be expunged, and most importantly that the notebook count and server count were different. Coincidentally I had noticed a few days ago that this subscribed notebook hadn't been updating. I next deleted "Going Paperless". This completely solved the problem. The cause could have been that I had tried to delete 2 individual messages from the subscribed group. The contributions I'm making to the knowledge base are:Examine the Activity Log to see if you can self-identify the sync issue. The most recent part is at the bottom. I copied it into Notepad to get a larger font. On my log, a new sync begins with "Connecting to www.evernote.com". Look especially for error messages and counts that don't match up. A sync error from a subscribed notebook could be the cause.
  10. Thanks. Here's another useful page I found after getting your tip and doing a search for "Evernote F5": 74 useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Evernote http://www.shortcutworld.com/en/win/Evernote.html. I didn't test them all -- some didn't seem to work -- and Ctrl-Shift-F5 isn't listed. It may be based on the Evernote list of shortcuts, which also doesn't list Ctrl-Shift-F5. What are the keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows? https://support.evernote.com/ics/support/KBAnswer.asp?questionID=625 Perhaps the Evernote Help Documentation staff will see this thread and realized that they need to improve their system for keeping the help documentation in sync with the application. It really ought to be part of their pre-release checklist. And if they don't have such checklists or make use of them, that's another problem. In case they are watching -- and for your interest -- here's a checklist on making checklists http://www.projectcheck.org/checklist-for-checklists.html
  11. Jeff, THANK YOU so much for sharing the fix to this. It seems to be undocumented, or at least not easily found. As for the registry item, my search evidently wasn't very good. In looking at the this I see EN doesn't actually update the registry (or at least this item) until it is closed. And now I've copied your solution into EN so I can find it again if needed.
  12. Your comment got me thinking that perhaps there's some setting in registry, but I couldn't find anything there. I then searched the User\<myname>\AppData folder. While I didn't find anything specific for this, interestingly I found 3 previous versions of EN in Local\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate folder. These are clearly the install files since they are over 50 MB in size. So if you want to go back to previous version, you can find some here.
  13. I'm running EN on both a Vista and Windows 8 laptop. I only use List View and as Snippet and Thumbnail views are useless for me. On the Vista machine, EN gives a nice 3-part screen: Notebooks, Notes list, and an individual Note. On the Windows 8 machine the Notes List is above the individual Note. As I recall, this is a downgrade to the way the Windows version used to be some time ago. The vertical split is far superior because more notes can be seen in the list, and the individual note is more readable. Now I've got a lot of unused space to the right, and can only see a few lines of the note. It's horrible. Remarkably Snippet View and Thumbnail View work correctly. I've searched for a setting to change the split orientation, and even chatted with EN support, and apparently there's no way to change this. It's especially frustrating as my Windows 8 laptop has a beautiful 17.3" screen that I was looking forward to using with EN. If this is a bug, the developers should fix it. Either that or give an option for the split orientation.
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