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  1. Evernote Offline Notebook for Mac - I don't want to sync a desktop notebook with my mobile devices. I like the Evernote products including Skitch and I would like to have my Desktop (Mac OSX) use Offline Notebooks that are not synced with my mobile devices - iPhone, iPad, etc. Does this work? The option in all of my notebooks for offline is not available and when I create a new notebook it is also not available. Use Case: - I use Skitch to take screenshots of a Webpage and I Clipper to grab webpages. Both are large files I'd like to keep offline in a separate 'clipped' and 'skitched' notebook. Is this possible, or is this just Evernotes way of influencing/forcing users toward Premium. Note: Even if I move to Premium, the limited space will likely not be enough for my 'skitching' and 'clipping' so I will likely move to a different solution.
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