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  1. Great to hear a fix is hopefully in the works. I have the same problem. iPad + Windows and notes get cut off at the top by an inch or so, and sometimes at the bottom of the last page in a Penultimate note by many inches. Also, the truncated notes have an extra border around them per page rather than being white edge-to-edge using horizontal rules between note pages within the note viewing area. I can add screen shots if needed. I see that my notes from 4/2/2014 and earlier look fine, from 4/7/2014 and onward they look different and cut off which is consistent with Dean's observed date of truncated notes. I wonder too if this could actually be caused by a Penultimate update? In any case, the way Penultimate notes are rendered in Evernote Windows was clearly changed at some point in time and it's tied to the saved notes. The change is both stylistically a bit different, and buggy as a possible side-effect of that, is my guess.
  2. I noticed that when I go to create a new Skitch note from within Evernote, the default behavior is to take a screen clip, not to open a new blank canvas within Skitch. Is this a bug? Seems like it since new canvas is what I saw mentioned on the Evernote blog about Skitch integration. Any ideas on how to change the behavior? I didn't see any options for it within Evernote or Skitch. Cheers!
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