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  1. Received the subsequent replies from Evernote Support as follow: 10th Nov 2012. 14th Nov 2012. Without receiving any resolution from either Evernote or Awesome Note, I have instead received the ticket closure email on 28th Nov 2012.
  2. Have emailed to Awesome Note support on 31st Oct 2012. Since there is no reply at all from Awesome Note, have emailed another follow up on 5th Nov 2012 with CC to us-support@evernote.com. Well, there is no reply at all from Awesome Note. In summary, Awesome Note with awful support!
  3. Received another reply from different support pertaining to a same issue on 8th Nov 2012. Do they ever have some sort support ticket pick up system in place?
  4. I would like to highlight a very serious data corruption issue occurred when syncing encrypted data between Evernote and Awesome Note. Have emailed to both Evernote and Awesome Note support. In summary, the support I've received is as below: Evernote was trying to blame Awesome Note No reply at all from Awesome Note Evernote has closed the case without providing any resolution Click below picture to view the actual case being logged.
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