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  1. In the same way as Evernote, Skitch has the potential to be so much more than a program - it can be a tool which you are allowed to use as you see fit. What makes Evernote so great is that to a large extent it does not tell you anything about what to do, it just gives you a vast number of possibilities that you can explore or not explore at your own leisure. What is so sad about Skitch is that it still bears the solid mark of a program designed to do one thing - and thereby the program sets a limit far before your imagination does. To believe that you know what your entire user base is going to use a program for is first of all naive, but it is also an old fashioned idea. The best thing about Evernote is how it lets you use it as you please, this should be the thought behind Skitch as well. That being said there are some fundamentally basic things about Skitch that limit its use greatly: 1. The text-tool is far too simple (lack of basic options like text-boxes, fonts ...) 2. The markup tool is terribly simple (design it as a general tool, not as a specific intrument to do one thing - you cant even bend or manipulate the shapes or lines you make) I personally use Skitch mostly to graph economic models alongside my notes. A simple task in theory, but when I cannot even rotate text along axis, bend lines, make dotted lines (not manually), have the option to snap shapes together, etc. I find myself unable to use Skitch to do the simplest of tasks. I would again like to underline the point that you cannot think to know what the user base will use these kinds of programs for, I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of people who use Skitchs for completely different things, who would all benefit from adding more options to the program. Instead of deciding that people probably don't want or need a specific function - include it as an option. Let people decide for themselves what they need or don't need when they use Skitch. This is what makes Evernote so great, it almost seems a waste not to have the same basic thought behind Skitch, especcially considering how simple it would be to add these basic functions to the program. Any thoughts or input on the matter?
  2. I have read through the answers posted and have found them all to be very helpful. Thank you very much for the feedback and perspective, I see that there is no one correct way to organize my notes using tags and will look into finding a way to do it that works for me. Thanks again to the Evernote community.
  3. Hmm. I'm not sure it will work in my case, but I appreciate the input. My problem is as follows (not sure if I am useing the right translations to English). Budgeting Result Budgeting Calculcaions Cash Budgeting Calculations Balance Budgeting CalculationsManagement Accounting Standard Cost Accounting Calculations Normal Cost Accounting CalculationsAll the tags tagged calculations are the same two calculations. They vary slightly in each parent tag, but are based on the same principal and reasoning every time. Any suggestions?
  4. I am currently organizing notes from a course. Several topics base themselves on one prinsipal, but in different ways, and they do not only cover this principal, but they all relate to it. Intuitively I want to organize the same tag under several other tags, but Evernote doesn't seem to want to let me do that. Has anyone else had a similar issue and found a clever way to resolve it, if not, has anyone got any good ideas on how this can be solved? -Hans
  5. I have been looking through functions related to pictures and was wondering if there was any way to stop them automatically stretching out to cover my entire screen. I use pictures to supplement notes and the current size of them is making it hard to maintain an overview of the notes. Thanks for any feedback or comments, -Hans
  6. Thanks for your reply, do you have a good tutorial video that illustrates these two functions? I'll honestly say that I've never relied on tags to organize, and I'm not sure what OCR is at all.
  7. Why can't you allow the userbase to put as many folders in folders in folders as we want? I can't propperly organize my notes through only make one stack of notebooks. I really want Evernote to be a software that I can find myself using faithfully for many many years to come, but if it won't allow you to organize your notes effectively I don't see how that will be possible. I am positive that this does not just concern me, implementation of this very basic function will undoubtedly make a large portion of the userbase a lot more content with using Evernote. Hoping for any feedback and/or info regarding this topic, does anyone else feel the same way?
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