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  1. WOW! Having a bad Day ?!?!?! I said nothing different than anyone else in the last ten years. I am pointing out that Evernote has been ignoring such important features while the competition is catching up (this is not the thread to spell out exactly how - but Nimbus has awesome collapse/expand -- at the Block level). EN did a very impressive job in the code consolidation and are adding some great new features in v10 - for which I am excited about; however, v10 is too slow to use. Thus -- I am NOT using EN10 anymore - removed it within a week. I tried it again last week - removed it again. So I still use the wonderful 'legacy' edition for the 11k notes I have collected since 2012. Have a wonderful day.
  2. Nimbus is gaining ground!! I love the latest features that have been coming out and appreciate the time spent consolidating codebases (without messing up my notes!!!!); but it seems to me such a hugely impactful feature like this would be a much higher priority. Although, EN10 is (still) so slow (and quirky) it is not worth me using -- I don't need more stress in my day :LOL: I would sure like to see some feedback on here that the EN team is going to do this VERY SOON!
  3. Awesome! Thank you. Now... I had Ctrl-Q mapped to "Search in Evernote". After update to 10.14.6, I did a Restore to Default on that.... Ctrl-Q now does nothing 🙂 Edit -> "Switch to.." has no hotkey listed. And I don't see that in the keyboard map.
  4. Thanks @DTLow and @s2sailor Yes, I thought about saved searches. I've become rather accustomed to the quick Ctrl-Q to pop up the lovely window to find Notebooks, Tags or text -- all in one place... and has my recent searches shown for quick re-access. With the Saved Search approach, that goes away -- right? I can do Ctrl-Q, type in Work to access the Work search. but then I have to click on the Search input box to continue - it doesn't even focus on that control by default it seems. Boy wouldn't it be grand if you could open new tabs up to a saved search.... and the Left panel would only show matching items. Then you could have Work, Private, etc and Ctrl-Q would still work perfectly LOL. thanks again!
  5. Similar to having a Personal and a Work account, I have a desire for separate note lists. Similar to multiple desktops in Windows and Mac. I have collected a plethora of notes in Evernote over many years; including financial, memories, insurance, research, quotes, scout and church planning, home inventory, receipts, ideas, diary, - on and on. I have found that sometimes when I have someone with me and I am searching for something, a note might pop up (like a birthday party planning note) that I did not want that person to see. Or to have a separate spot to archive notes that are cluttering my current projects but I don't want to remove them forever. My solution so far was to create another 'account' and move the more private notes to there -- until I ran into some very large notes.... So there comes my dilemma. In order to move those note into the new account, I have to buy another premium subscription - which I cannot afford. Is there some other way to have such a separation-of-purpose? What would be super beautiful is top-level tabs. I could have tabs such as Work, Personal, Private, Shared, Archive... When I am in a specific tab, only the notebooks and tags in here would be seen. This is basically like asking for multiple accounts to be Tab-ized I guess. but not multiple payments 🙂 Think about it like utilizing tabs in Firefox, Chrome, Safari... Each tab is a completely separate Evernote workspace (I tried this but it currently logs me out of first one when I try to login on another tab) And even more beautiful would be ability to easily copy/move notes to other tabs. Anyway - I thought I would *ask* if something is already close to this before I asked for a new feature.
  6. Hi. I Too think Outlining in any of various ways would be very helpful. For instance including examples of code samples under an item... these clutter the overall space, but placed in a collapsible frame/box cleans it up nicely until you care to look at the extra details. Personally, I journal a lot in Evernote... in Windows, on the web, on iPhone, etc. These 'notes' obviously get very large... and thus difficult to get to the end of the note on iPhone. I have resolved to using the Encryption feature to hide older entries in the note like so: Obviously has limitations in some situations... but great for me: Yes. I use the multi-note pattern for other purposes. But I have almost 9000 notes already in only 7 years. So in some cases, I feel better with consolidated access. When I have told it to remember my password (until exit EN), then I can just double click on a 'section' to easily open..... inline.... Then, I can search the entire note easily (opened portions anyways) ... and not get bogged down with the other 9000 notes. Plus, since it is a Journal, I like having the text Encrypted anyway 😄
  7. +1 for "ReadOnly". Like others have said, getting into Edit mode is a bit too easy (especially in Metro version and iPad) and no "cancel" option.... And frankly, I would like ReadOnly to be default. 99% of my notes are created (or clipped) once and remain unchanged. I don't want to touch them ever again. And if I do, an Unlock step is simple enough. I have several notes that I edit quite constantly - I'll leave those Unlocked :-)
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