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  1. Hi. I Too think Outlining in any of various ways would be very helpful. For instance including examples of code samples under an item... these clutter the overall space, but placed in a collapsible frame/box cleans it up nicely until you care to look at the extra details. Personally, I journal a lot in Evernote... in Windows, on the web, on iPhone, etc. These 'notes' obviously get very large... and thus difficult to get to the end of the note on iPhone. I have resolved to using the Encryption feature to hide older entries in the note like so: Obviously has limitations in some situations... but great for me: Yes. I use the multi-note pattern for other purposes. But I have almost 9000 notes already in only 7 years. So in some cases, I feel better with consolidated access. When I have told it to remember my password (until exit EN), then I can just double click on a 'section' to easily open..... inline.... Then, I can search the entire note easily (opened portions anyways) ... and not get bogged down with the other 9000 notes. Plus, since it is a Journal, I like having the text Encrypted anyway 😄
  2. +1 for "ReadOnly". Like others have said, getting into Edit mode is a bit too easy (especially in Metro version and iPad) and no "cancel" option.... And frankly, I would like ReadOnly to be default. 99% of my notes are created (or clipped) once and remain unchanged. I don't want to touch them ever again. And if I do, an Unlock step is simple enough. I have several notes that I edit quite constantly - I'll leave those Unlocked :-)
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