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  1. Hi. I Too think Outlining in any of various ways would be very helpful. For instance including examples of code samples under an item... these clutter the overall space, but placed in a collapsible frame/box cleans it up nicely until you care to look at the extra details. Personally, I journal a lot in Evernote... in Windows, on the web, on iPhone, etc. These 'notes' obviously get very large... and thus difficult to get to the end of the note on iPhone. I have resolved to using the Encryption feature to hide older entries in the note like so: Obviously has limitations in some situations... but great for me: Yes. I use the multi-note pattern for other purposes. But I have almost 9000 notes already in only 7 years. So in some cases, I feel better with consolidated access. When I have told it to remember my password (until exit EN), then I can just double click on a 'section' to easily open..... inline.... Then, I can search the entire note easily (opened portions anyways) ... and not get bogged down with the other 9000 notes. Plus, since it is a Journal, I like having the text Encrypted anyway 😄
  2. Many times I'm working on a note; it becomes "too large". So I want to break off part of it into a new note and place a link in the original.In coding, this is known as Refactoring. Select a section of an existing note, hit the "Refactor to New Note" button. This asks for the new title, tags, notebook (defaulting to same as current note). Then it sends the selection to that new note and replaces it with a Note Link. What do you think ? I think it would be fabulously useful.
  3. +1 for "ReadOnly". Like others have said, getting into Edit mode is a bit too easy (especially in Metro version and iPad) and no "cancel" option.... And frankly, I would like ReadOnly to be default. 99% of my notes are created (or clipped) once and remain unchanged. I don't want to touch them ever again. And if I do, an Unlock step is simple enough. I have several notes that I edit quite constantly - I'll leave those Unlocked :-)
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