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  1. *This problem has been resolved, but I haven't figured out how to delete a post entirely.* **The solution was to go in the trash, sort the files by "Updated time" and restore only the notes that were updated "43 minutes ago". I checked and saw that all the other ones were ones I had previously deleted.** To anyone who can help, thank you. I have a PC from my company with an admin account and my own user account. I have access to the admin account but use the user account day to day as it syncs to my own file directory on the company server. About 20 minutes ago I wanted to delete a set of notes and did select all. I deleted them, and then I realized that ctrl-A has selected ALL my notes. The 450 deleted notes are sitting in the trash. I immediately went to the options and disabled any sort of sync. I would just restore the notes, but there were already 450 notes in the trash. I don't see a property for notes that denotes when they were deleted, otherwise I would restore all notes deleted at that moment, so I really have a ton of notes all mixed up in my trash and don't know how to restore just the 450 that I want. I went into the admin account and uninstalled evernote since I can't uninstall from my own user account. I then rebooted the machine and reinstalled evernote. In the admin account, after reinstalling, I see things just as I left them before deletion. When I go back into my user account, however, it somehow refreshes evernote with the deleted version. Given these permission settings on my machine, how can I completely wipe Evernote from my PC so that a reinstall will allow me to start fresh with a sync from my online account? (which has preserved the note setup I want to restore.) Thank you! Noah
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