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  1. Hey Evernotians! You simply must build an integration tool for Finish or some other form of similar reminder tool. it needs to be pretty flexible to set up so whatever form of daily/weekly/lifely reminder set up a give Evernote user has in place can be connected to the reminder system easily. Finish is huge and you incredible people can distill that approach to reminder management into some kind of tasty green interface that will, again, instill great loyalty, love and enthusiastic proselytization for your products and services. PLEASE, I don't need to integrate another tool into my external brain! I want you to do it! I will give you money! Mike connector of dots
  2. Hey Evernote! It would be really amazing to see a feature set or some integration with a tool like LayerVault. Please take a look at it if you haven't. https://layervault.com/ http://layervault.tumblr.com/ Check out the "Iterate" podcast # 61 wherein Allan Crinshtein is interviewed RE: LayerVault, the business and et al. Cheers, Mike
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