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  1. Just dropping by in case anything's got better in the last few months. Doesn't look like it ! :-( For me EN for ios will remain a piece of junk until I get a split window with a list of folders down the left side, snippet view or at least titles in a second column and the contents of the highlighted note in the main right hand window. This is the only fast way to browse a large structured collection of notes if you don't choose to tag everything. I hate the current wasteful notebooks screen on the ios version and the fact that I have to change windows into it in order to move between notebooks. Evernote has a perfectly good example of the layout that many of us want in vn 3.3.0 for OS-X. Until that's available on all current versions I'm a customer under protest and ready to jump ship the minute I find a better alternative. It's 2013. There's no excuse for poor user interface design. Oh, and as everything's driven by money and happy customers are the best possible salesmen for a product, please take note: I used to rave about Evernote to everyone. Since you broke it, I don't recommend it to anyone...
  2. You're right. Thanks. It is there in list view. My wishlist would be to have it in snippet view also as I find that view so useful for navigating through lots of notes on a landscape display :-)
  3. Followed the link, downloaded the mac vn 3.3.x, tweaked the parent directory name for the vn 5 database to freeze it in place, deleted the existing evernote.exe from applications folder and copied the vn 3 in instead. All good. Took a few hours to redownload but all working fine. Only complaint is even mac vn 3.3.x doesn't have the ability to reverse the order notes are sorted in by repeat clicking the column header. I was sure this existed in a previous release but maybe I was thinking of the windows version. That's a big usability point.
  4. What changed with official release 5 that caused the app to start crashing all the time ? It's gone from being my most essential tool to being almost unusable. Fingers crossed that a reinstall of v3 works to keep me going until you fix it like everyone else here is asking for or I find a substitute - oh and please fix the ipad app while you're at it. V5 is a massive waste of screen space when you're trying to navigate around 2000 notes on a 1024 dot screen
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