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  1. Nope. I don't see why it has to be one or the other when both would work even better. I don't see folders/notebooks as restrictive. Don't get me wrong, I love tags, but I can't rely on tags only to keep me organized. Why then do notebooks and stacks even exist then? If there's a hierarchy, why not extend it another level (or two, or ?).
  2. Sorry, I guess I meant stacks then. I think of tags as keywords to help find my notes (topic, category, author, geography, etc.), not a way to organize them. Here's how I think (and apparently many others who are requesting this): a file cabinet (level 1) with drawers (level 2 - notebooks) that contain hanging folders (level 3 - stacks) and folders inside those (what EN is missing) that contain paper (notes) I'd have the choice and ability to thumb through my drawers and folders to find what I need, or with the magic of tags or searching, I could find things that way. A physical file cabinet is more limiting because in an electronic filing system you can normally nest to your hearts content. But for some reason, Evernote seems to be more limited than a physical file cabinet (except for tagging and searching, of course).
  3. I use both nested folders and tags for different reasons. I'd love to have the ability to nest more than one. If there's a good reason not to, then why is there the ability to nest one?
  4. Yes, that would be a good feature to have. I experimented in the Windows Desktop version, but it's nearly impossible to select multiple objects if they're small because the selection "thingy" is gigantic and awkward. The wet ink is what must have happened, which in my case was good ... however, it happened to one bit of text, but not the rest. For example, I wrote "Healthy" and it's glued together (yay!), but when I wrote "Dead" I've got two pieces for the A, two for one of the Ds, and I think three for the E! I wish I could glue them together after the fact. I also wrote the number 45 and 85 and one is glued, but the other is two separate numbers. I'm not sure why they didn't act "wet" or what I did or didn't do to make it not happen in such a way. One thing to note, I did write them large, then resize them, maybe that had something to do with it. But now that they're small, I cannot select all the pieces of each letter :-( At any rate, my workaround for tracing an image (on my iPad): Imported an image and traced over it Since I couldn't then remove the picture, I copied the annotations to a new canvas Since I couldn't select all the pieces of the letters I wrote, I had to go back and delete the ones I already copied, then select the little pieces and copy/paste them to the new canvas Then I realigned them Then I e-mailed it to myself and brought that image into Photoshop where I could do additional editing. I was happy the file was nice and big and high res so it didn't look grainy! Just curious, are there any future plans to allow it to be exported as vector objects? I thought I'd read somewhere that there used to be a feature to save as SVG and other formats. Thanks again for the quick response!
  5. This is very helpful, thank you. It's still a bit clumsy, but at least I know what's possible now. Is there a way to group annotations? I'm finding when I try to move or resize some smaller markups, I cannot select all the elements. But in other cases, they are all one piece (not sure how I managed that, but it'd be preferred!). What I have is some handwritten text (I need it to be that way rather than a font).
  6. Can I trace over an image, then remove it and use my annotations without the background? Also, can I save my annotations from Skitch as a vector object and have the ability to modify it in Illustrator or another program? And just one more question (for now!), I just installed Skitch for Windows. Can I access/open iOS Skitch files and modify them in the Windows version and vice versa? Thank you!
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