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  1. Completely agree. And I have immediately downgraded from paid to basic. Not worth paying for such a slow software.
  2. I understand why auto links are useful for website addresses, but for emails, they are distracting as even when you want to copy an email address the link is clicked invariably, and the default mail client of Apple (the sleeping giant) is triggered which I have to force quit every time. Unless you have mail of Apple, open all the time. I use browser based email, and I suspect lots of people do. So it makes no sense to have email links for us. More horrible is the links on numbers like bank accounts. I don't understand why numbers are hyperlinked.
  3. Ajay - i have also been through a similar ordeal. I deleted one of the conflicting notes and both notes vanished. But I found them in trash. I am intrigued why did you delete the note from your trash?
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