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  1. There is also Dropbox Paper.. but there is no native app yet and their development efforts are a bit slow. I guess it comes down to personal preferences and wants/needs. I personally have no issue with them using my iCloud account and have always found the idea of a monthly quota "odd". If I am paying for a service, I would expect to be able to use it as much or as little as I like. Wasn't there another app that worked over the top of Evernote to provide markdown support? Could that be an option?
  2. I have given up and have now migrated fully to Bear. (http://www.bear-writer.com/) Highly recommended if your tech stack is macbook pro / ipad / iphone.
  3. I use Dropbox Paper. Its search is very quick, its nice and minimalistic and great Markdown support
  4. Please add Markdown support! ALso syntax highlighting for code blocks! Thanks
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