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  1. I too submitted a ticket and got the same response and reply from support with a link that was broken. Then I tried the link without https://, SUCCESS! I was able to download a beta version that successfully records an audio note AND MORE IMPORTANTLY played it back without error! I'm now looking forward to the final update to be released on Google Play in the near future. http://s.evernote.com/androidpreview
  2. I just switched teams from team Apple to team Android and bought a Nexus 7 and when I complained to a buddy of mine about this very issue, he found this discussion. Bad timing on my part I guess. However, I can't wait for this issue to be fixed since I no longer have my iPod Touch to perform this task.
  3. I'm in full agreement I just switched from Apple to iPod and I'm upset that I don't have the same ability to record in the background while I use other apps or turn off my screen to save power. It's really annoying and ought to operate just like the Apple version. Has anyone gotten and ETA from development on this issue?
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