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  1. Problem with file YZDAJDC,EXE, It is running about 10 processes and using up a lot of CPU and memory resources. I tried to Google it but did not get a hit. The file is located in the \users\xxx\AppData\LoadLow\Evernote\dojcswor directory, that's why I assume it has something to do with Evernote. My Evernote program is not loaded at this time. I deactivated the browser clipper, but it still shows in other program toolbars such as Outlook, By doing a file search I find that it produces at least one dump file a day. Does anyone have an idea what is going on?
  2. Came up with the same problem. Followed the thread. Used Revo and tried several other things. No luck. The install files and most other files were gone. I noticed that some Evernote files were in my Wacom Bamboo directory. What was that about? I tried for a Hail Mary pass and decided to uninstall Bamboo. After I did that I tried to reinstall Evernote and it went right through the installation. I am still scratching my head.
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