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  1. There is no print preview, but in Linux (Ubuntu anyways...) it's simple to print to a PDF first to get a preview. Undoubtedly tedious, but effective.
  2. Hmm... Hadn't tried that. No, it appears that it is not possible to print from Everpad. Once a note edited / created in Everpad is synced with Evernote, you can print it from the web-based Evernote interface, but that's less than optimal. David
  3. I just wanted to draw attention to Everpad, an absolutely wonderful Evernote client for Linux written by Vladimir Yakovlev. It is beautifully integrated into Ubuntu's Unity interface. It implements a Unity Lens which automatically searches Evernote notes through the Dash. I have been wanting to switch over to Evernote for a while now, but the lack of Linux support prevented me from doing so. Because of Everpad, I will now be signing up for a premium Evernote account. If there are any other Linux users out there, definitely check out Everpad. And to the Evernote team: It would be great if you could show your support for Everpad and Mr. Yakovlev- his efforts have enabled me (and probably many others) to finally adopt Evernote. David
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