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  1. I used to be an Evernote Premium user - now I use OneNote. I mostly changed because of the better way it handles tables. I understand the Mac version of Evernote has been updated to handle tables in a reasonable way - so if / when the Windows version catches up I may be back. For those keeping score, here are some quirks of OneNote. The web clipping is terrible. I've tried Clip To OneNote and can't get that to work either. On my desktop I just cut and paste which is OK. On my andriod phone I'm out of luck. The Notebook Hierarchy of OneNote is a little strange. In theory it has this many levels: Notebook -> Section Group -> Sub Group -> Section -> Page -> Sub Page. The Pages are like Evernote notes. But they much be under a section. The rest is handled in the file directory system with folders and sub foulders. So if you want a Page under a Section Group you can't do it without putting a section in between. So it does have more hierarchy than Evernote but it's a little quirky till you figure this out. The tagging system is also different. Evernote Tags apply to notes, OneNote tags apply to lines of text. So you can have many different tags in the same note. The notes include images like arrows and things like colored highlighting if you want. You can make your own tags. And you can't exactly search for tags but you can generate a list of all tags in a notebook, or section etc. FYI - I don't use drawing so can't comment on that. Also I'm using the free version of OneNote 2013 which stores my stuff in the cloud (Microsoft's One Drive) so it syncs well between my Laptop (Windows 8.1) my Desktop (Windows 7) and my phone (android) but it's a bit slow and clunky on the phone. Also the links to Pages are much more convoluted in OneNote. They are hyperlink - so the visible text is OK but if you need the underlying link it's about 8 miles long. Hope that helps.
  2. If Evernote is going to try to make smart guesses for me about which notebook to send emails to, then I'd like to know more about how the algorithm works and how it makes decisions before I give it that power. Can you please post an explanation somewhere? Also let us know if which notebook is the only thing it will be deciding on. Will it also assign tags or do anything else?
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