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  1. I guess what I'm doing is mixing what some people/software know as "reminders" and "due dates", and drifting away from what the main focus of this topic post and some of the particular points made. Basically I'm just trying to lay out what I'd like to see and not too concerned if it lines up exactly with what else that's been said. It's probably just my use of my calendar application, but I only like to use it for places I have to be. Everything else that isn't dependent upon me being at a particular place and time involving other human beings directly, ends up as a reminder. I currently don't use Evernote in a professional, shared environment, so I'm just using it to structure my chaotic thoughts and life better. Sometimes my notes, whether they be to-do lists or some sort of information, just need a generic follow-up reminding me of this information or to take the next step on something--nothing time sensitive or critical I want cluttering up my calendar. Other times, a note is related to something that needs to be done by a specific date and time, and/or is related to an event in my calendar. I also guess I'm implying that notes could be sorted by due date if you select that option instead of just being sorted by creation date or last updated with various reminder alert options. In the end, what I'd like to see is a way to set a reminder notification for a particular note sent from Evernote (for individual items in a list would be GREAT, but one step at a time), the ability to add note to an existing calendar event or to create a new event with note, and to sort notes by due date. This is all based on using Evernote with Apple products and specific applications, so that might make things even more confusing. This may all change in a year or so when I will want to bring something like Evernote into a share work environment, but for now, it's solely a selfish desire. Hopefully this is more clear now.
  2. I'm aware the due date function isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but I figured post it here for good measure to express what I'd like in the neighborhood of this. This suggestion is exactly what I want to avoid for such a simple task. I also don't want to clutter my calendar with things like this unless it's directly related to an event (say remembering to bring something specific with me)--which some have suggested in the past. Even then, I'd rather it be attached somehow to the event directly and not be a separate event on the calendar. This can be done in iCal in the note section of an event, but the reminder function is a bit too simplified and doesn't give as many options that the Reminder app provides. It's far easier for me to make a to-do list, for example, in Evernote on my iPhone, and then go into Reminders and set a reminder to check my to-do list in Evernote. But, my goal is to use Evernote more for organizing my thoughts and information--not less. I guess I'm ignorant of the complexity of what I'm asking for, but it would seem it wouldn't be the most complex engineering task to have options to add due dates and reminders to notes. Being an all-Apple hardware user now, I guess I'm coming to expect more seamless integration between platforms and functions--that is unless I'm using Maps or Siri now (what a mess). Maybe this is more of an Apple platform type of request and isn't that feasible on other platforms right now, but it wouldn't be the first time something is offered for Apple software, but not the counterpart, e.g. Microsoft Office (some wonderful features available for Office for Mac that isn't available for non-Apple systems!). I'm really liking Evernote more and more, but if I come across someone else offering a better one-stop experience, I'm there.
  3. I was just telling a friend about Evernote and this was my only complaint. I'm currently using Reminders on my iPhone (iOS6), but if I had a similar function available in Evernote for when I make to-do lists or just want to follow up on a note, it would be MUCH more efficient. I'm using Evernote more and more now, but if it had reminders available, I'd probably use it EVERY day for personal use alone.
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