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  1. My previous saved search simply stopped working after updating, and there was no way to edit or remove it. That same search still works on desktop. When I created a new one using the desktop (hoping it was just a hiccup of updating), the new one did not show up on my phone at all.
  2. Streamlined away? I don't understand. The primary way I use Evernote is with a saved search that returns all notes with no tags, so that I know which notes need to be filed when I sit down to organize. If saved searches are still a feature in the desktop app, why wouldn't the mobile app behave the same way? Is there a new way that has been implemented or that is planned to replace this functionality? I hate to be "that guy," but as much as I love and use Evernote for 80% of my productivity workflow, I will have to find another solution if the developers have determined that users who take advantage of this feature aren't important enough to accommodate.
  3. Can we get a status update on this? Does "on the way" mean the next beta release, or "maybe Summer 2013"? I was very excited about introducing my business partner to Evernote by sharing a notebook with him - but if we can't share responsibilities for organizing stacks of notebooks or at least tagging, then we're not actually looking at the same information. *frustrated*
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