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  1. Fixed it. The language preferences were set to English(UK) as primary. Chinese as second English (US) third In that order the display in Evernote is Chinese. When I change it to: English(UK) English(US) Chinese Then the display in Evernote is English I tried changing it a few times to confirm, the display in Evernote is only in English if Chinese is the last preference FYI Region - Location is set to Hong Kong SAR Region - Administrative - Language for non-Unicode Prg is set to English(UK) TimeZone is set Eastern Time(US & Canada)
  2. Hi there, Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it makes no difference. I swiped down to close the app, then started it and the first screen I see contains only Chinese characters. Rob
  3. I installed the Evernote App on my MS Surface from the RT store and it installed without a problem but after starting the app I am unable to login or do anything else as the Evernote UI is displayed in Chinese!! I assume this is because I just happen to be in Hong Kong but I haven't got a clue what any of it means as I am not Chinese, neither can I figure out what buttons I can press or settings I can change, this problem only occurs in Evernote, all other apps I have tried wok without a problem. Also I have not had this problem on my desktop machine running Windows 8 where I installed the regular application rather than the the RT store version. Anyone got an idea of how to get the Evernote app UI to display in English? Thanks Rob
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