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  1. The idea is that if it can save you 5-10mins through out the day with all of the events then it would be an external app that adds value to your life. Do you get a link in Google calendar that actually provides a clickable link. Google calendar does not provide the ability to do html links at this time, so if you have a way of making a clickable link, could you please share? For the items that you need to be nagged about, trying moving them in EN to your sokkva notebook then they will show up on your sokkva google calendar with your default notification for the sokkva calendar. I hope that helps with a useful use case for you.
  2. Hi, Thank you for the welcome. Right now I think that your to-dos belong in EN and I am concentrating on getting the items that have a solid time when they need to be done, like a meeting or appointment syncing with google calendar. Let me know if you have something that you would like your todo items in EN sync'd with and that could be an additional set of features to sokkva in the future. Repeating events are handled by creating a single note in EN and tagging it with multiple date tags. So there is 1 set of content for that repeating event. You can test this by creating a repeating event on your google calendar. Please let me know what you think of this implementation. sokkva is targeted at the calendar entries like meetings where you are going to want notes for/from the meeting in EN. I suggest that you keep your "now/ soon /someday" classes for your to-dos separate from sokkva. Once those become a firm date then they move into the sokkva notebook and get tagged with a date and potentially a time and location. sokkva will sync that note in the background to your google calendar. I definitely agree with not taking a pure GTD, but altering it for your needs. I don't think sokkva is correct for everyone, but I do think it will greatly help those that it is correct for. Thanks for testing it out. And please keep giving me feedback or questions.
  3. Hi, I am Shawn with sokkva the cloud sync application for busy people. sokkva sync's events in google calendar with notes in Evernote through the cloud without a client running on your devices. Please head over to sokkva.com and check it out. sokkva is in Alpha, so I would really appreciate you testing it out and providing lots of feedback Thanks, Shawn
  4. I would also very much like to see the "back button" in Evernote 5 for mac. I use it multiple times an hour.
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