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  1. Hm strange ... seems to affect only a few systems... I'm on Win8 Pro, 64 bit (don't know where to see the exact version and build no.) using of course Evernote
  2. Bugreport: Click "New Note" to create a new noteA new note is successfully createdWithout editing this note, double click on the "untitled note" to open and edit in a separate windowInstead of the new note, the last created note is being displayed and not the new and empty noteSomebody else experience this?
  3. Hello, my client keeps crashing without further warning after I open a note clipped with the Web Clipper (from Firefox) and close it again. After restarting the client no error message or crash report appears. My client only crashes after opening and closing notes from Web Clipper. Other notes I can open and close without any problems. By opening and closing I mean double-clicking a note from the snippet view, card view or list view so that it has its own window. When I click the red X on this window to close the note the client will completely crash and disappear immediately. Does anyone else experience the same behaviour? I had the same issue with the previous release of v5. Thanks!
  4. Just checked with German Umlauts, the search seems to work as expected for those. Are you sure? Mine shows search suggestions without the proper letter and leaves out notebooks/tags/saved searches with the typed international letter completely. Oops, you are right. Same behavior here. Evernote does find the note though... so maybe only a problem with the search suggestions and not the search results? the suggestions don't even make sense and don't know where they come from :-) I can however find the note I was looking for...
  5. Just checked with German Umlauts, the search seems to work as expected for those.
  6. Works for me, just tested. Go to Tools --> Options --> Language and uncheck the option "check spelling as you type". Does that work for you as well?
  7. I can resize the vertical bars but I agree the right handle is too small... it seems for me it is only 1 pixel wide so that you have to aim very carefully. The left handle to drag is several pixels wide and easier to grab. @ Evernote: Could you please make the right handle wider so that it's easier to grab? Thanks!
  8. I seem to be able to replicate the crash now... my client always crashes when I do the following: open note in fullscreen mode (double click on note)close the note (click on the x in the upper right corner)The client does not crash with all kinds of notes. Only the notes that have been clipped via the Web-clipper (sent to the evernote servers directly, not to the client) force the client to crash after closing them. Does sb. else have this problem? Can somebody verify? Thanks!
  9. Unfortunately the client seems to be not very stable... it is crashing for me several times a day. After restarting I don't get the option to send a feedback about the crash to evernote. Didn't figure out yet when a crash occurs and cannot replicate the crash. I'm on Windows 8 64-bit.
  10. Yeah, I guess you are right... the website somehow gets the data from the computer / the operating system and adapts the language to that setting. With my personal (German) notebook, also the German version of the evernote website is shown when I enter evernote.com. In this case it is not so bad because the German and the US-version use both the same datacenter, the Chinese version however has its own Chinese servers... so I would much appreciate if the US-version could always be shown when one enters www.evernote.com instead of the localized version so I can access my database on the go on other computers...
  11. Hello, I am using the "normal" US-version of evernote and I'm currently in China. Until today, when I entered the URL www.evernote.com in my browser, always the English website showed up and I could log in as usual. But from today on, when I enter www.evernote.com, I'm always being redirected to the Chinese version (www.yinxiang.com/). Is that a bug? How can I access my notes now? Thanks! Tim
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