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  1. How do I get rid of TASKS? It's driving me barmy! I gave it a go but I already have a very satisfactory system of task organisation in Evernote. This doesn't match it. I'm prepared to try again when it's more developed but in the meantime I don't want to keep seeing it. I don't want to have to specify whether I want a new Note or a new Task each time. I can't see any way of deleting it. Surely I have a choice?
  2. Two problems have arisen with the Big Sur Update to Mac. 1. List of Notes are condensed together. Not pretty. 2. I am now unable to view notes in any other order except: Updated and Title. I try to get it to go in Date Created order but it's not having it. I'm in despair. I'm only back in EN Legacy because the recent Upgrades rendered it Unusable.
  3. Copying a note to its own notebook is now not possible. I wish it were. When copying a note to a different notebook the note now keeps its original create date instead of making a new creation date. I wish it would revert to a new creation date. If this is a deliberate change - and hopefully it isn't - the only recourse I can see is to change the Creation Date of the copied note under 'Note Info'. That would be made much easier if there was an option to instantly create the Now Time. Currently, I have to scroll through the calendar, click on to today's date and scroll down the times. This is a total faff!
  4. Yes, I also have the same problem. It hasn't been resolved with the new update. I guess Evernote is fighting so many fires currently. Surely there must be thousands of people with the same problem? But so little response... I'm just saving the pdfs on to my desktop then dragging them on to a new note. Really struggling with a myriad of Evernote problems at the moment.
  5. Yesterday, I couldn't drag any notes between notebooks. Today, I'm back to dragging one (only) at a time. Now, when I COPY notes from one notebook to another it keeps its original creation date. Previously it would automatically give a NEW creation date - which is its distinctive function. With the update we have already lost the ability to copy a note into the same notebook. Pointless!
  6. With the last update I found I could only drag one note at a time to another notebook. Now I can't do any dragging at all. Must use 'Move to...' instead. Good news about the total note count in the sidebar, though.
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