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  1. Thank you @arnholdsan. While it's true that they can be resized, it's but tough to resize them back to their original dimensions. My workflow involves taking screenshots of diagrams I made using another app. When I put in multiple diagrams in a single note, I lose consistency. They'd all end up differently scaled to some degree.
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm using Shift-Command-4 (Apple default - https://support.apple.com/en-sg/HT201361). You mean it's not happening to you? Is your Mac on a retina monitor? I think somehow this affects it. The right click option "Capture Selection from Screen" results into the same thing. I took a screenshot of a portion of the Evernote window itself. You'll see how it ended up on my case below:
  3. Actually my case is reverse: small images get zoomed to fit the page. Try to take a screenshot of an icon for instance, and paste it. It will be scaled up, rather than be pasted with the original dimensions.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm coming here to check if others are also facing the same problem I have. All the screenshots I paste into notes get to automatically resized to fit the page. It ends up looking unnecessarily zoomed and consequently less sharp than it originally was. It can be resized manually, but it's tedious and it's hard to get the original size accurately by dragging. I've reported this to the support staff a year back, and followed through recently, but it seems the issue can't get enough traction to merit an immediate fix. Are you also facing the same issue? I'm on a Mac Late 2015 model. Yes answers will hopefully help me build enough push to get a fix done. No answers will reveal to me that this may be unique to the configuration of my machine. Thank you in advance.
  5. @GrumpyMonkey Tried it - the only difference is that it prompted me to login again during first launch, but the problem remains. @GrumpyMonkey @Jackolicious 2 Questions: 1. Is the client setup stored somewhere in one's profile? If I login to another Evernote Mac Client, will it "remember" my personal preferences from my original Mac, or will it use the current computer's settings? 2. Does Evernote allow Mac overrides on the keyboard shortcuts? I could easily fix this if only I could assign a new shortcut key to the real Paste whose shortcut was "hijacked" by Paste Without Formatting. Apparently, assigning a new key to Paste doesn't work. Sorry to be persistent, Paste is part of my core workflow and I find it troublesome without quick access to it. Thank you in advance.
  6. @GrumpyMonkey, thank you. Good point. Let me give that a try.
  7. Hi @Jackolicious, I removed Evernote using app cleaner and still the same: the newly installed application instantly opens my account, didn't even ask me to log in. May have stumbled into something else here that probably merits further attention: how to reset the Mac client. A regular delete doesn't do it, nor App Cleaner. I feel that my shortcut problem will be fixed if only I can get a clean install.
  8. I tried to reinstall Evernote, it's still there. How do I do a hard uninstall? It seems that the computer "remembers" my account, such that despite having a fresh installation, it's able to automatically log me in.
  9. Hi there, nice to hear from you. 1. I did nothing special, I simply slided down the Edit menu. 2. System language is English. 3. OS X 10.7.5 4. It is not checked. You mean this has something to do with my Mac? Here are more inputs: Behaviors: Cmd-V pastes without formatting, but pastes Images. Cmd-Shift-V pastes without formatting, won't paste images. Right-click Paste and Edit Menu Paste pastes with formatting, and pastes images. Mac Settings: There are no shortcut overrides for Evernote in my keyboard preferences. There is no global shortcut override for Paste. Thanks in advance for the support.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to use the "not" option (using -) on stacks and it doesn't seem to work? Stacks don't support this feature? My goal is to find all matching notes, but don't look at this X stack. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I usually put subheadings in my notes and I end up doing the same thing frequently: 1. Change the font of the subheading 2. Change the color of the subheading I find it tedious =( Any chance there's a coming functionality or plugin I can install to have a quick styles, just like those in MS Word?
  12. Hi, Just curious about 2 things related to the Paste function. There's a Paste Without Formatting and Paste as Plain Text in my Edit menu, what's the difference? Cmd-V is pointing to Paste Without Formatting, instead of Paste. Here's the screenshot:
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