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  1. Hmmm there's an iOS App 'Group Email' in which one uploads the -say- pdf files, one by one to a kind of App's clipboard and from there, one can attach multiple documents to an email.. Is that so difficult to be achieved??? What I've learned from using Pages, Numbers etc is that you better rely on the mobile version when creating a document in order to be on the safe side, regarding compatibility between mobile and desktop versions of the same App. Same here, I need to get the most from Evernote mobile, in order to be good enough to buy it and in my case I absolutely need to be able to add multiple pdf files in a note. No problem, I'll wait Thanks for your time!!
  2. I'm searching a way to add multiple pdf attachments on a note.. This would be very useful I could consider to go premium, I have a free account for now.. Also, is there any way to view a pdf file on a note, like if it was a photo without having to use my Mac??? Only iPad or iPhone. The reason is simple, in meetings or surveys I don't have my Mac, so I'm mostly interested to see what the mobile app can offer. Thanks in advance!!
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