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  1. Thanks, gazumped. and jbenson 2, re feedback: what grumpymonkey said.
  2. Just sent this to suggestion box. Feel free to copy, paste, and submit. Power in numbers! OK, so I learned that I can do a wordcount. This is GREAT. But...that feature doesn't allow the user to get a word count of highlighted text. In other words, i can see how long my article is, but I can't see how long each section or chapter is. Most any writer need to know the length of certain passages, or, for example, the length of a subheadline. Right now, that's not possible. MS Word does this, but I'm trying to switch to Evernote b/c I like the interface and the sync option. Sure would love to see this small feature added. Thanks.
  3. dbvirago, I agree. I often need to know how many words a certain section is, or a certain sentence from time to time. Seems like a really easy fix for people who do this sort of thing for a living. I'm gonna put it in the suggestion box
  4. so strange. i only get info for the following: title, notebook, tags, created, url, location, sync status, attachment status, size, author, history
  5. So strange. I go tho the "i" icon and get a list of info -- title, location, date created, etc -- but no word count option
  6. you mean the "i" icon that's at the top of an Evernote doc? I did that but didn't see anything?
  7. Hi there, I'm a professional writer with a suggestion: Add a word-count feature. Simple, useful. Necessary for anyone who writes for a living. Right now I still have to use MS Word and create my own folder and filing system to match the one I use for Evernote. For example, if I'm reporting a story about Bears, I have to save my drafts in Word on my desktop, and have a corresponding Bears notebook in Evernote. If Evernote had a wordcount function I'd store everything in Evernote. Google Docs, I think, has this function, but the Google Docs interface is clunky and no intuitive. Evernote would gain a lot of writers by adding word count function, I think. Especially since it's easy to create local notebooks for people who don't want their stuff to live in the cloud. This is the one thing that's stopping me from essentially using Evernote more than any other app besides my browsers and email. Hope to see it soon. PS - I am a premium member and am happy to pay for this function.
  8. Thanks so much. Definitely can live with w/o deeper wp features. Highlighting, though, would be great! Hope to see it. And yeah, DUH! 001, 002, 003. It's no wonder I was an English major and not a math guy. You rock!
  9. OK. Three Issues I'm having, despite general love of EN. First: So I've got a notebook with maybe 20 notes in it. It's for a big trip with many legs, hotel stays, tickets, etc. Listing my notes by title, date, or alphabetically means the stuff gets out of order chronologically. i.e. the "Angola Flight info" note falls before the "Zanzibar flight info" notebook, when in fact Angola is the last part of the trip and Zanzibar the first. Being an org freak, I decided to number my notebooks chronologically. i.e. 1. Zanzibar flight 2. Zanzibar hotel 3. Dinner with friend downtown and so on... Simple, right? NO! Evernote only lists the numbers 1 - 9. When you type in "10" it reads it like it's reading the alphabet and sticks it after the number "1". Meaning to go past "9" you have to use a format such as 9a, 9b etc. Evernote chat support told me this is just how it is. Seriously!? Second: On the desktop app, you can bold, ital, underline, add links, etc: Why no highlighting? Esp when you can do it on the web site, like this? Third: Ditto word count or for that matter adding comments or viewing corrections. If Evernote added this stuff they could put MS Word out of biz. I'd literally use it for everything. Seems like an easy feature to add, given the other much greater and more high-caliber features, no?
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