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  1. I've read they're unifying the cross-platform development, which *can* certainly be a good thing. However I really hope they won't use Electron or some other bloated framework for this. I've tried Nimbus Notes which uses Electron for their "native" Mac client. It uses 750 MB of memory (...). I refuse to use bloated apps. That would be a huge motivation to look further. I really like Evernote. For me it's the best note app I know; believe me I've tried them all. I really hope it will stay a real native app for every platform.
  2. Well, Electron has the ability to use the OS API/SDK so I won't worry about that. It looks like a desktop app. It's only that the GUI would be using web techniques like HTML/CSS/JS; like a web app does. If you're on a Mac like me, there are native options like DevonThink and Keep It.
  3. No that doesn't mean it will work (much) less, only that it will not be native anymore with several disadvantages, like bloat and non-native controls. But yes, it will look like a web app in a native window. If it's true, I will leave Evernote for sure. I despise apps build on Javascript SDK's like Electron.
  4. Maybe I'm the only one who's worried about this statement in the blog: This sounds like using cross-platform development. This sounds like using Electron for it. That means becoming a memory hog. I hope I'm wrong. Right now Evernote has quite good native apps. If Evernote starts to use 500 MB+ memory, I'm out.
  5. You will use Google's techniques to search data. That means Google has access to my data. History has learned that somewhere in the future you will learn that Google has done something with it you won't like. And they will say it was to "improve the user experience". Yeah right. EN isn't only using it for storage. I'm not going to wait for the day on which Google is announcing that it has acquired EN and EN will say that it will "improve the user experience".
  6. You or Google may say that, but there's a huge trust issue when Google is involved. I won't be surprised if a few years from know we will learn that Google "by mistake" made some "errors" and used it for some purposes anyway. We're not talking about just some data. We're talking about, at least for me, quite sensitive data. I don't trust Google. Never will. Therefore I will migrate to something else. Very bad news.
  7. It's an old post and also only talking about revenue, not actual profits. Having said that, I hope they're ok ;).
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