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  1. I wonder as well. I am guessing the left sidebar is the main culprit, because that was one of the biggest changes. I'd probably also guess the toolbar up top as well. In my case, for example, my personal wiki became un-navigable without arrows. Otherwise, it seems to me that most of the stuff is similar. that was it for me. It seems like this upgrade really did not take into account the power user such as those of use who set up a thesecretweapon.com system. Ok, I figured out how to make the left sidebar LOOK like it used to but it still doesn't have the same functionality. For example, why can I no longer right-click a tag to create a sub-tag? I use tag hierarchies to keep my projects in order, and without the quick sub-add I have to (1) click to create a new tag, (2) go find the new tag (3) drag it over to where I want it to go. This adds 10-20 seconds to what used to be a 5 second (max) activity. Considering that I often have about 100 notes in my inbox to process, that would add quite a bit of time. And it seems that this is a problem with many other features as well. I think the biggest issue here is that Evernote's combination of ease of use AND versatility is the foundation of its market presence compared to other products. The removal of much of the previous functionality and versatility is making Evernote more and more like the other products that just won't cut it for most people (including me). Let me know when it comes back, and I'll jump on the upgrade.
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