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  1. I know, I'm just being a baby. I'll reopen my ticket, it just sucks to get the run around for that first level of support.
  2. I'm running the most current Android and the audio issue still doesn't work. Support also seems to think its the clients. Kinda annoying... Maybe if someone who has paid for premo support submitted a ticket they'd take this bug more seriously. I'm gonna try a reinstall. Still doesn't work, it really sucks that evernote hates nexus users. I used to use the ***** out of evernote, now that I can't use audio, my evernote usage is minimal. Can't wait for a patch or similar program to work on the nexus
  3. I sent in a regular support (not premium) ticket in yesterday and I'll post whatever I end up finding out.
  4. I have tried to record some audio and attach them to notes and its been working really well until just recently and now when I go to playback it says audio playback error. This is only happening on the most recent things I've tried to record. The older files still play fine. Help
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