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  1. I must admit that my first thought was, "WTBH???" ("what the blinking heck???", family forum 'n all that). My second thought was, "Trojan keystroke logger hell doom". My third thought was, "Nah. It's the Evernote team getting things not quite right again but their intentions are good so I'll forgive them but my patience is beginning to wear a little thin".
  2. Thanks for the responses, both. I can open my encrypted PDFs on my Android phone, by the way. It's interesting - a lot of users say that they scan receipts, say, and bung them into Evernote for easy reference and access. But a lot of my receipts will have my home address and/or email on, especially for online purchases. So I'm reluctant to put them into the cloud without at least password protection. I don't use TrueCrypt but I do use Evernote's built in text encryption and password protection/encryption of PDFs and Pages documents. I also have a few FileVaults on my Mac for sensitive stuff that isn't going into the cloud. But am I being over-cautious in Evernote? As you say, searching is kyboshed with encryption in Evernote which defeats the purpose of "storage and easy access" somewhat.
  3. Out of interest, do any established Evernote users encrypt any notes or files they upload? I encrypt or password-protect word processor/spreadsheet documents & PDFs that contain personal details before I upload them, and I encrypt text notes with personal details in Evernote after I enter them but I wonder if this is necessary (and, yes, I have read the Knowledge Base entries on security before anyone asks ).
  4. Thanks GM. I have the same problems on my 15" MacBook Pro: -- 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Mid 2009) -- 4Gb RAM -- ML 10.8.2 as I do on my 27" iMac: -- 3.06GHz Intel Core Duo (Late 2009) -- 12Gb RAM -- ML 10.8.2 I downloaded the two files separately (i.e. I didn't copy one download file from one machine to the other). The note disappearing issue has only happened to me if I have a note open in a separate window (Cmd-click). But that's how I work 99% of the time.
  5. I'm finding the latest version a bit flaky to be honest. I'll be editing a note and it will randomly close mid-edit. A little "Evenote" icon sometimes appears on the screen for a few seconds and then goes away when this happens. EN also refused to quit after getting stuck in an endless sync loop this morning necessitating a Force Quit. And further to my note about the "*****" tag problem earlier, it was interesting that adding the same tag to different notes and deleting individual tags made no difference in the desktop app. The count stayed at zero and it wouldn't let me delete the tag by right-clicking on it in the tag page either. So I deleted the tag en masse via the web interface and resynced. Lo and behold, the "*****" tag had gone. (Please note that "*****" is an actual tag I use and not a swear word ). I then started re-adding the tag in the desktop app and the tag reappeared but still with a count of zero, and unable to be deleted. Bizarre.
  6. Your prompt responses are appreciated, Jack. Unfortunately though, a new bug - I have a tag consisting of asterisks I use for "must read/act on". On my Android phone, the tag count for this tag is present & correct. On the web interface, all present & correct. But on the Mac, it reads zero, even though the notes are present and carry the tag. Tried re-installing with no joy. Tried re-installing after removing my Library User file with no joy. Still reading zero. Incidentally, and **something you should be aware of** all of this installing/re-installing and deleting User files necessitating a re-sync doesn't half eat into your monthly allowance.
  7. Solved, sort of -- I can get the context menu if I tap on the note count above the triangle, rather than the grey triangle. As you were...
  8. Hi I've installed 4.4.0 Beta4 on my Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean and can't access the Notebook settings by tapping the grey/gray triangle bottom right of any of the Notebooks (so I can't enable offline sync, for instance). Any ideas? Russ
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