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  1. I think EN also has to pay attention to the fact that the O2 cr4p is appearing on non-O2 customers' phones.
  2. Thanks for the additional info--definitely helps--I've appended this additional info to the bug and we'll see if we can't get to the bottom of it. May be that the new version introduced a bug that rolls back home screen settings. I'm on it. Top banana.
  3. The option had reverted in Settings, yes. Some more info for you - I logged out of my account on my phone and then logged back in again and the O2 nag screen reappears and the "Activate Premium" option reappears on my Homescreen. And if I logout and then properly close EN on my iPhone, when I log back in to EN again all of my settings don't register - my Homescreen reverts to the default including changing the theme colour/color of my screen back to green even though "Light" is chosen as the theme in Settings. Ditto for what boxes appear (including the Activate Premium O2 option). I need to reset my Settings by tapping each option to restore my Homescreen to how I want it. As long as I don't logout on my phone, things seem stable. If I logout and login again, my Settings go to pot. Hope this helps.
  4. I'm not even on O2 and I get the O2 nag screen of doom. The grievance is then compounded by the fact that if I give in to the nagging, I can't do anything anyway *because I'm not with O2*. So then I get nagged again. Whatever vicarious liability each party has is moot. It's annoying and it's wrong. If it's causing problems, EN should just comment out whichever bit of crappy code it is that allows O2 to permeate my non-O2 phone until it's fixed. And if someone says, "No thanks", the nagging should stop whether you're an O2 customer or not. A company that I have no contract or dealings with has inveigled itself into a password-protected app on my password-protected phone without my consent, and obviously with the encouragement of EN. Security and privacy fail.
  5. Same thing is happening to me as to Willie. I'm disappointed but, unfortunately, not surprised.
  6. This should be investigated. Did you receive points from activating with O2, and they are sitting in your account and are not able to redeemed? Can you clarify a bit here? I'm with GiffGaff who piggy backs on the O2 network, not with O2 itself. The ad originally allowed me to get as far as claiming the points but then wouldn't let me redeem them. I wasn't expecting to be able to, I was just adding the info for clarification as I'd posted earlier in the thread. Although my attempted clarification failed miserably, obviously. Thanks for querying it though.
  7. Fixed. Thanks EN. (My points weren't redeemable anyway by the way).
  8. Good grief. I gave it a couple of tries and actually got a redemption code. My Premium sub isn't due for renewal until later in the year but I shall have to give it a try to see if it works then. Whatever, hopefully the nagging will now stop.
  9. Hohoho, perfect timing. Just opened EN on my phone and got an O2 pop-up that leads nowhere since I'm not actually an O2 customer.
  10. As I've posted on another thread, it's not just O2 users who get spammed with this in EN. If your carrier is giffgaff, you also get the O2 ads. I presume that this is because EN cannot distinguish between the primary carrier (O2) and another carrier who piggybacks on the O2 network (which is what giffgaff does). To compound the problem, I cannot then do anything with the offers as I'm not an O2 user.
  11. Oh and by the way: Epic irony aside, I know it was in October but it's not too late to apologise/apologize.
  12. What makes it worse is that even if you're not an O2 user, you still get the offer to "redeem points". My cell carrier in the UK is giffgaff and they piggyback on the O2 network. Unfortunately, EN can't see the distinction so not only do I get the O2 cr4p, I can't then redeem the points either. Fail.
  13. 気難しいモンキーのための仕事のように見えます。彼は漢字/ひらがな/カタカナを読み書きすることができる非常に経験豊富なEvernotistです。彼は瞬間に眠っておそらくしかしそう米国でだ。
  14. Select the text you want to highlight in the usual IOS manner. On the iPad, tap the ! next to the formatting buttons on the left of the strip above the keyboard and your selection should be highlighted. Similarly, on the iPhone, tap the A formatting button on the right of the keyboard and then tap the ! button.
  15. And yet if you're out and about with any camera larger than a ****** packet, you're assumed to either be a paedophile** or a terrorist. Cognitive dissonance much, Britain? EDIT: Wow. Evernote naughty word bot gets it completely wrong. * British English slang for cigarette ** Alternative spellings available
  16. Turns out it was my phone/Android rather than the app. Fixed now.
  17. Just downloaded the new Android client (v5 on a Sammy Google Nexus running 4.2.2) and the incomplete note title problem when you edit a note (that was present on the beta) is still there. Essentially, only the centre/center of the title is visible so if it needs editing, you have to use the text selector to move to the off-screen text. In the pinned beta topic above, xdelplanque said it was because the text wasn't as condensed as on previous versions. It looks more like a justification problem to me though, rather than a font problem as the misalignment is too great to be down to a point or two's difference in font size. Only the central part of the title is visible too. If it was font size, you'd still see the start of the title, just less of it. (Reported to Support, too).
  18. There's no pencil on the iOS client (there is on the Android one). Just open the note and as RandyWales says above, tap the Information icon (an 'i' in a circle) in the icon row at the top of the note and you can choose the appropriate notebook in the top item of the dropdown menu.
  19. I kept the old .dmg in my downloads folder just in case. However, this linky should help you Jon.
  20. I've thrown the towel in and gone back to v3. Again.
  21. I'm pretty sure he'd be a Mac user and would still be using Evernote 3. (Excuse my flippancy - I've bookmarked the blog article; it's a good read).
  22. You could be so good But you frustrate me so much Why Evernote? Why? GrumpyMonkey will probably pick me up on some subtle missed nuance of the underlying philosophy of a haiku but it's a risk I'm prepared to take.
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